Push-Up Challenge

Let’s Get Buff(er) Together

Let’s face it. We all know we should be working out more. But it’s really easy to skip the gym. Let’s all commit to doing between 50 and 100 push-ups each day.

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Drop and give me 50!

Let’s see what 30 days of push-ups does for our bodies, mind, and willpower. It won’t be easy but I know we can do it.

Have you ever watch those BuzzFeed videos of regular men and women working out for 30-100 days and seeing amazing results? The

If you haven’t you should. They are inspiring. After watching one of those videos it literally made me want to test it out to see if I could get the same results.

If you are like me you skip the gym way too often.

There really is no excuse for it. All of us can easily add push-ups to our daily routine. Here is why I am in love with push-ups

  • They require no gym equipment
  • They require limited space
  • They are easy to do (everyone knows how to do a push-up)
  • They make your heart muscle pump
  • They will push you mentally
  • They can be quick

Who should join this challenge?

If you are looking to create a new habit with your health in mind and want to push yourself (literally) to reach a goal. Then sign up below and join us as we try and know out 1,500 – 3,000 pushups in the month.

If my math is correct, we would need 50,000 people to sign up for this challenge and all do push-ups at the same time to adjust Earth’s axis by 0.001%. (Bad joke I realize).

But in all seriousness, if you want to be a little healthier and like the idea of doing a challenge with a group of people…join us.

How will this challenge be ran

This is the first challenge I have run. So bare with me and give me feedback. Here is what I have set up so far.

  1. You sign up (duh).
  2. You get an invite to a private Facebook group where we can all communicate (seems logical right).
  3. I created a Google spreadsheet, put your name on there and record how many push-ups you did that day
  4. Maybe we share some of this stuff on social media? Maybe not. It’s really up to you.

All I care about is you feeling motivated and supported to knock out your daily push-ups.

Alex! Why are you doing this?

I don’t know. Seems like a good idea to me.

I tried doing a 30-day challenge every month in 2017 and failed at most of them. Part of the reason was I didn’t have anyone joining me on the journey. It was lonely and sort of boring.

I would love to have hundreds of new friends challenging themselves with me to get better at something.

I hate push-ups…now what?

First off, how did you make it down the page this far hating push-ups?

I have plans to have a new challenge each month. If push-ups aren’t your thing maybe the next’s month challenge will tickle your fancy.

Here are a few challenge ideas I have been kicking around in my head…

  • No alcohol for 30 days
  • Some sort of reading challenge (doesn’t have to be the same book, could be an audiobook, a series of blog posts).
  • Some sort of faith-based challenge
  • A marriage challenge
  • Some sort of sleep challenge
  • A miracle morning challenge
  • A hyperhydration water challenge
  • Some sort of nootropic challenge (ohhh interesting)

If any of those sound interesting leave me a comment below.

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