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It's Time For A Wake Up Call

Most people are really bad at setting personal goals and even worse at actually accomplishing them.

Good intentions don't deliver results. If you aren't following a proven planning process you are setting yourself up for failure. Start here. Try Growth & Purpose's free 5F planning resource to get you on the right track towards accomplishing your personal goals.

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Even if you have a perfectly executed goal you will still fail without accountability.

Who or what are you accountable for in your life? If you aren't sure then find someone who has invested their time and energy in you and wants to see you succeed. Use them to check in and help you to get unstuck when you are not progressing towards your goal.

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Alex is awesome. I really appreciate him helping me reach my fitness goal in 24 days. It was amazing having him invest in me and help me stay on track. I highly recommend working with him. Tom Smith

How Does It Work?

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1. Fill Out An Application

There are a finite number of clients I can take on at a given time. I want to work with people I know I can help achieve their goal. Answer some simple questions and I will let you know the next steps.

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2. Set Your Goal With Me

We will work together to come up with an actionable, measurable goal and the metrics and timelines we will use to reach the goal. The goal will be recorded and you will leave the call feeling pumped and ready for the next action item.

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3. Check In Weekly

We will set up a standing meeting weekly to check in and document your results and action items for the following week. These are 100% mandatory and missed meetings are not allowed. We can only work together if we agree that accomplishing your goal is the highest priority.