About Growth & Purpose

Growth And Purpose started as a blog to document my journey of finding my unique purpose in life. In 2015, I was struggling to understand why I got up each morning and didn’t have a clear vision for my future.

Through prayer, reading, and conversations with highly successful individuals, I am more clear on my purpose than ever before.

Now it is time to inspire others and share all of the valuable lessons I have learned.

I am not a self-help expert.

I just love reading about personal growth and helping others have their “ah-ha” moment when it comes to their purpose in life.

Which brings us to the new purpose of this blog.

Growth & Purpose’s Mission

Help high achievers get more clarity on the meaning of their lives and get unstuck. We will educate and empower high achievers to create a more fulfilling life by sharing frameworks, methods, and stories meant to inspire.

Here are 3 ways I can help you…

  1. I can help you by giving you amazing blog content with real researched and thought out posts.
  2. I will share with you the frameworks I have learned to give massive clarity and inspiration
  3. I will work with you 1 on 1 to help you achieve your personal growth goals and help you get clarity on your life (ambitious people only).