The Personal Growth Quandary

Personal growth is a long journey. It has a definite starting point but has no clear end in sight.

Something in your life will be the catalyst for wanting to start on the path of personal growth. The starting point is different for all of us. When you truly believe in personal growth and development you don’t look at it as a short-sighted mission. It’s a change in mindset that will change the rest of your life.

One of the better stories I have heard to illustrate my point is a ship sailing towards the horizon.

The ship will never stop at the horizon, allow all of the sailors off and throw a huge feast at their accomplishment.

Instead, they will sail towards and every changing goal.

The sailors have the opportunity to get off the boat and dock it at the island when they feel worn out from a long journey, but they must ultimately get back on the boat and keep sailing.

This is personal growth in a nutshell.

The quandary that I am presenting to you is that you will never be truly satisfied with your personal growth goals.

When you start to near your personal growth goals, a bigger one must be set. It’s important to get out on the island that is the big goal and celebrate the accomplishment. But you can’t settle and think you have “finally arrived”.

The journey of personal growth can be lonely and tiresome.

But it’s incredibly worthwhile.

Personal growth isn’t a linear path that takes you to profound wisdom and answers that have eluded mankind for centuries.

Instead, it is a dynamic journey that changes you and forces you to look at situations and relationships differently.

The goal of personal growth should be to never stop learning, always encourage change, and always challenge what you thought you knew.

The quandary lies in the thinking that personal growth will return the desired result. It very well can but you will then have the next result to go after.

Enjoy the journey.