What is the meaning of life?

Purpose. You know, the other word that makes up the name of this blog. I don’t feel the writing conveyed on this blog discusses purpose enough. This post is to help remedy that problem.

I am going to warn you…this gets a little deep. There are no answers in this post. But maybe your thoughts will be provoked like mine were.

Perhaps the most difficult question someone can ask is “what is the meaning of life”.

I have no answers.

But I am in the middle of reading the classic, “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Fankl, who is far more qualified to share thoughts on the subject.

For those unfamiliar with Frankl, he was a Holocaust survivor and founder of logotherapy, which we will get into later.

In Frankl’s book, he says that he has no answer to that question because it’s not so much a definite answer but it depends on the time in the person’s life in which they ask it.

This was profound to me

The fact that we ask the question, what is the meaning of life, and expect it to hold true for the duration of our time on Earth is foolish.

Instead, we are asking, what is the meaning of my life up until now.

Frankl says the question is like asking the best chess player in the World what the best move is.

Frankl goes on to say

That we should instead be asking ourselves the reverse.

That is to say, “it is he who is asked.”

Each man is asked by life what his meaning is. It is our responsibility to answer for only our life (and no one else’s).

Perhaps this is why no one can give a good answer to this question.

Logotherapy and responsibility

The essences of existence as Frankl explains it is the ability for a person to come to an understand of for what, to what, to whom, he or she is responsible too.

Frankl suggests you live your life as if you had a second chance and attempt to not make the same mistakes that you had in your first life.

His reasoning is this shows the finality of death without worrying too much about the future.

I know.

This is starting to get kind of deep and confusing.

I will stop using Frankl’s brilliant mind now.

But for more of his thoughts on logotherapy check out “Man’s Search For Meaning“.

It would be egotistical for me to now expand on these thoughts with a bunch of profound thoughts when I am no expert on the subject.

However, I will leave you with this.

Like you, I struggle with understanding my purpose in life.

But after reading this book I have realized that it isn’t a question of what my purpose is but to whom am I responsible for and to.

Also, there is no harm in me not knowing what my purpose is at this point in time because it will always be changing.

I could be wrong.

What do you think?

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