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The Top Peer To Peer Lending Blogs

When I first got into peer to peer lending I felt completely lost.

After I wrapped my head around how the platform worked and how investors made money I was confused as to which types of loans I should be funding. I knew I needed a strategy but I had never done any type of lending so I didn’t know which things to pay attention to.

Was a credit score more important than a debt/income ratio?

Did it matter how many delinquencies they had in the last 7 years? We all know the great recession hit a lot of people.

So I set out to educate myself by reading blogs from experts who had opinions on the best way to get healthy returns from the popular peer to peer lending platforms like and

In this post, I want to share with you some of my favorite blogs to read for peer to peer lending advice, strategy, and news.

1. Lend Academy

Lend Academy is the front-runner for best peer to peer lending blog. This blog is stuffed full of amazing content that uses data and expert opinions to help new investors decide what and how to invest. This blog does a great job of finding the latest news, data, insights and putting them into round-up posts like this one.

Lend Academy also has a Podcast if you are interested in listening to experts talk about peer to peer lending.

Recommended reading: Lend Academy’s Prosper Review

2. Lending Memo

Lending Memo is another amazing resource for millennial investors looking to get into peer to peer lending. The main reason I read Lending Memo is to check in on posts like this one where Simon and his team share the returns they are getting from each platform. It’s incredibly helpful to see what type of loans (AA, A, etc) other investors are investing in and to benchmark your returns against theirs.

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3. Lending Club’s Blog

If you invest in a company it makes sense to subscribe to their newsletter so you can keep up to date with the latest news. Lending Club is no different. I enjoy reading this blog to see the latest trends from the platform and some helpful tips and resources for maximizing returns and investment strategies. After all, Lending Club wants to keep their investors happy.

This is a great blog to read if you want to get into peer to peer lending with an IRA and see how that can help you with tax benefits.

This blog does have content for both borrowers and lenders so some of it may not be as interesting to millennials investors but it always helps to get a feel for what the borrowers are interested in.

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4. Financial Samurai

To be honest, this is one of my favorite blogs to follow for all types of investment advice and strategies. The author is highly knowledgeable and writes amazing content for his readers. I would suggest taking an afternoon and going through some of the blog posts that catch your eye (because there will be a dozen or so).

But in terms of peer to peer lending, I can remember reading his blog when I was first starting to consider Prosper and Lending Club. I remember reading posts where he breaks down how the platforms work and it really helped me wrap my head around the purpose of peer to peer lending.

Recommended Reading: Investing in peer to peer lending with

5. Mr. Money Mustache

Easily the best-named blog in this list, Mr. Money Mustache is another amazing blog to read for millennials who are just starting out. This blog covers a wide variety of topics that millennial investors would be interested in but occasionally he writes about peer to peer lending so I thought I would include him on this list.

I am a fan of blogs that share actual screenshots of their peer to peer lending accounts and talk about their experience. Mr. Money Mustache blogs about his Lending Club experiment so that is a must read for millennials thinking about taking the plunge into the world of peer to peer investments.

Recommended Reading: Lending Club experiment

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