Personal Growth Successes & Faliures

We are half way through the year and I thought it would be a good time to sit and reflect on my own personal growth.

I am a very goal oriented person. I love jotting down lists of goals and crossing them off when I accomplish them.

I started thinking about everything I have attempted this year and what I have succeeded at and what I have failed at.

This post will list everything I have tried to use to see personal growth and if it was a failure or not.

Read a book a month (success)


At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read more. I didn’t want to just read fiction books for the sake of reading. I wanted to find books on industry leading thoughts and principals that I could use to further my career.

In a sense, I wanted to invest in my future by increasing my subject knowledge on quite a few topics.

I set out on a goal to read a book a month. For many, reading a book a month is easy. For me, it took a lot of dedication and recommitting to my goals.

I learned a lot about myself through reading and learned a lot about business, marketing, and personal growth as well.

So far, this is my biggest personal growth win for the year.

100 day freedom journal (fail)

The Freedom Journal Can Help You Accomplish Your Goal In 100 Days

John Lee Dumas and his team created a journal that is built around accountability and helping you accomplish anything you want in 100 days. I wrote a review about my time with the journal here.

I made it 22+ days into the 100 days before I stopped filling out the journal.

The main reason why I failed here was my goal. As I mention in the review, the hardest part of this personal growth task is picking a goal that is a driving force in your life and is bound by time.

My goal was too superficial and could not easily be completed in 100 days (although I fooled myself into thinking it could be).

Learning to medidate (fail)

Meditating was way harder than I expected.

I first read a couple blog posts about how to meditate, watched a couple YouTube videos, and then sat down on my living floor and tried it.

I enjoyed it.

I liked the peace and quiet I was able to obtain.

But nothing much came to me.

I could never fully clear my mind.

My thoughts were constantly wandering (which I know will happen) but I could never refocus my attention and then I started thinking about the time and how long I had been meditating and I was over it before I could finish the 5 minutes.

Growing my network (success)


I challenged myself to get out of the house and meet more people who I wanted to work with one day.

As part of this exercise, I enrolled in an evening programming class.

My goal was to learn a little bit more about programming (I had some knowledge going in), but the main objective was to meet like-minded people who I would want to work with and code with in the future.

I met some really awesome people at code school and enjoyed my time getting out of the house.

Workout on a regular basis (fail)


This is one of those personal growth battles that I will undoubtedly face my whole life.

Staying committed to personal training, fitness, and my overall health has always been a challenge.

I can eat healthy for a week and the next week consume entirely too much beer and not get enough sleep.

The damage this does to my physical and mental abilities is noticeable and is something I hope to improve as I grow.

But so far this year I would say this goal has been underwhelming.

Save more money for a big trip (fail)


Without getting into too much detail, I wanted to save more money.

I have not done this in the slightest.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Write 500 words every day (success)


One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to develop my personal voice and write about my journey towards personal growth.

I started with a small goal that I thought would be easy on a day to day basis but challenging over time, due to the persistence you must have to write daily.

So far, including this post I will have written 500 words on nearly 85% of the days since starting the goal.

Although this isn’t 100% of the days, I prefer an optimistic view to this number.

85% is much better than wanting to write and not finding the time or having the patience to keep at it.

Has my writing voice improved? Hard to tell.

But I feel more comfortable sitting down at my computer and getting through a post or sharing some thoughts about what I have learned.

In closing…

I hope this little insight into my personal growth journey helped you either recommit to your goals or inspired you to start a new goal.

Let me know what you are currently working on in your life and I would love to find a way to help you.

Stay after it, we are only half way through the year. There is still plenty of time to reach your goals or get to 85% of the way there.

About The Author – Alex

I am on a journey of personal growth. I love learning about investing strategies and ways to actively improve my life. Follow along and connect with me if you are looking for a path to financial freedom and becoming the best version of yourself.

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