Why you should stop worrying about your passion

The universe has a plan for you. Stop rushing it.

Do you constantly bang your head against the wall trying to find your passion? Or the next big business idea? Or how to get to the next level of your life?

Me too.

Well I use to.

I admit that I bang my head against the wall from time to time but not nearly as much as I use to.

I finally got sick and tired of getting down on myself when I couldn’t see a worthwhile business to start, or I didn’t have a passion that I was fired up about.

I reached out for some help.

I asked a few business owners, people I respect, and some internet strangers about how they found their business ideas and their passion.

Most of them didn’t have a concrete answer. But one answer stood out above the rest.

He said, stop forcing it, if you want something, work hard, and it will happen

I’ll admit it, at first I thought this was dog shit advice.

I had a tough time believing that if I worked hard, magical business opportunities and happiness would just show up.

I thought, in order to get where you want in life you have to grow in a calculated, scalable, and predictable way.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to find your passion you must stop looking

The pressure we put on ourselves to come up with the next “big idea” is ass backwards from how it should be.

Instead, we should enjoy what we have. Maximize every opportunity in the current state of our lives, and only when we do that will other avenues of growth become apparent.

Not to get cheesy and philosophical on you but that’s how a plant grows after all. Personal growth isn’t about forcing your way into success.

How does a plant relate to all of this?

A plant starts as a seed. It’s likely it has zero self awareness and has no idea if it will grow into a weed or an oak tree.

But nevertheless, it’s process for growth is the same, regardless of end goal.

First, get your roots going nice and deep

grow your personal growth roots

A seed firsts get’s a solid foundation under it…and just like the seed, we should too.

Develop skills, both professional and personal, that are sought after and create value. If that is as an engineer, great. If it is as an artist or a customer support rep, perfect. It doesn’t matter what your end goal is. Just start building valuable skills.

All of this is done under the dirt, with no one watching, and with no chance of recognition.

Grow your underground network.

Once your roots are strong you are ready to take off.

You first bust through the dirt.

Dirt represents all the limitations you have put on yourself. All the negative thoughts you have about failing.

You can only see personal growth and development when you bust through the dirt.

You’re ready for photosynthesis


You need to get your first leaf to survive. That leaf will bring in the sunlight that you need to feed your system.

What the hell is the leaf?

Leaves are the people and processes you build around you to help you get where you want to go.

These could be mentors, business partners, experts you look up to, authors you study, historical figures you study, etc. These people are the the ones who you will turn to when you need clarity and positivity to keep you going. To feed the hunger that is personal growth.

The processes you put around you are things like meditation, charity work, training for a marathon, trying to make $10,000 a month in your business, and all of the other personal growth tasks that make you grow as a person.

It’s important that your leaves branch out and touch each area of your life, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.

Get plucked

apple hanging from a tree

Once your leaves are strong and comfortable with attracting the sun’s rays, you can began to see the fruits of your labor.

You will notice more people engaging with you on a personal level. They see what you have and they want in on the action. Share with them. Pluck off some fruit in the form of advice, time, money, a goodwill gesture, etc to give them what they need to grow.

You will see more and more people coming to eat from a bountiful tree, then one with barren branches and thick thorns.

As with everything in life, all plants must die

Often times, self help and personal growth books don’t talk about what happens when you crash and burn.

You will not be happy 24/7 no matter how successful you are

Your roots will get ripped out. You will need to start over.

But that’s okay.

You know how to grow.

Every year the plant spits out seeds to spread itself to the dirt patch next door.

It’s natural, it’s what is expected, it’s what must happen.

Don’t fight it.

When you get successful, things will change, your passions will flicker and new passions will ignite.

Embrace the change.

But don’t run after it.

Instead, build roots, get your leaves out, and start growing fruit.

Don’t rush it. Good things come to those who wait.

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