How Do You Calculate Investing In Yourself?

I recently went to grab drinks with some people who are in the medical field. An interesting conversation ensued.

One of the guys recently took a new job as a medical sales rep. His co-workers were teasing him and saying that he will have to travel a bunch and he will likely hate it.

His response was “at least my 12 hour days will be me getting paid to fly around the country and not stand on my feet in operation rooms all day.”

A doctor claimed that a 12 hour day is a 12 hour day no matter what you do with it. He said that if he was paid extra to fly after an 8 hour day it would be worth it.

But what about having extra time to invest in yourself?

I sat quietly for a while before finally speaking up.

I said, “Those flights are going to let you read, write, listen to podcasts, or do whatever else you want that you couldn’t do in operations.”

They all agreed but said that didn’t pay the bills.

Perhaps they are right…but it would be extremely difficult to ignore that having extra time to work on personal growth and development is valuable.

There is no easy calculation for how to figure out what one extra hour a day can do for your personal growth and your future self but it’s time I would always want to invest.

How many hours a week do you invest in yourself?

It doesn’t have to be reading or writing.

What about meditating, learning something you have always be interested in, sitting quietly, or exercise.

Time > Money

You can always make more money, but you can’t make extra time.

Therefore, time is more valuable than money and investing in yourself is more valuable than investing in your 401k.

At least in my view.

About The Author – Alex

I am on a journey of personal growth. I love learning about investing strategies and ways to actively improve my life. Follow along and connect with me if you are looking for a path to financial freedom and becoming the best version of yourself.

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