Growth & Fear

Fear is a bitch.

Fear is likely the reason you struggle to find self growth and personal development.

You are unhappy about something in your life. It could be your job, your dating life, your financial situation, your gut, etc.

So what’s stopping you from writing down a plan and executing it?


Fear is a powerful emotion.

It can be argued that fear is one of the most powerful emotions because it has been with us since the dawn of man.

I am not expert in anthropology or the human brain, but I would guess that fear was the first emotion humans learned.

Fear keeps you safe, it helps you decide to run or fight.

People play on fear. Advertisers know what you fear and sell you things to remove that fear.

Hollywood makes movies based around a characters fear.

But not being fearful isn’t easy

I am not advocating that you just toss fear aside and accomplish your goals.

That is horrible advice.

Anyone that tells you to just stop being afraid and go live your life is a tool.

Here is why.

Fear can be crippling.

Fear can be irrational but it can also be very rational.

I have the fear of starting a business based on an idea that is untested.

Some would say you won’t know until you try but they don’t understand the financial, personal, and family strain that this decision could cause.

Instead seek to understand your fear

Your fear will never go away. But you can live with it.

Whenever I notice that fear is slowing me down or preventing me from taking an action I try and understand the fear.

I typically write (or quietly reflect) on every situation in which things could go wrong.

I write them down, talk through them in my brain, and even discuss them with others.

I am often surprised at how the things I write down don’t sound as bad out-loud.

For example: I wanted to buy a piece of software that was expensive. My fear was that I wouldn’t know how to use it properly, not get the value out of it, and not make my money back.

I talked it out and realized that if I didn’t buy coffee for a month, didn’t spend money out eating and drinking, and sacrificed a few other things that I could buy the software.

I did.

I never made my money back but I learned a ton from the software and was glad I did it.

The overall lesson to myself was, the presences of fear is fine, when you understand why it’s there

My objections were legit.

My fear was founded.

But I was able to see past that because fear shouldn’t completely stop you from doing things, but rather make you pause and think about why it is there.

Fear can be a great educator about yourself, the process, and why you do the things you do.

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