Fear & Desire

I have talked about fear before, but this is a different take on fear.

The brain is amazingly complex.

But it can also be extremely simple.

When you have a big decision to make, you might spend some time thinking off all the possible scenarios, using logic to dictate the best course of action, and really trying to understand your emotional motivations.

But under all of that complex thinking, your brain is using very simple emotion reactions to guide your thinking.

For instances

Say you have two job offers on the table.

1. One pays more but isn’t as exciting of a company as the other.
2. The other company is far more exciting but the job security isn’t as good.

You can spend days thinking about the pros and cons of each. But two emotions are predominated in these types of decisions.

Fear & Desire

You fear not having a job, not making enough to pay your bills, not saving enough for retirement, not being viewed as a success, not being able to afford those things you think you deserve.

On the other hand, you desire a nice house, a new car, money to spend on vacations, and all the other perks on living in a developed World.

So what do you do?

How do you tell your brain to offset the cost of fear and divide it by your desires?


But I CAN tell you the first step

And that is awareness.

The next time you have a big decision to make, become aware of what is driving your thoughts and logic, is it desire? Is it fear? Is it both?

Be clear on what it is that is forcing you to lean one way or the other.

It is perfectly okay to make a decision based on fear, but you should understand WHY you are making that decision.

Having desire is 100% okay. It gives you drive and forces you to not accept the status quo.

But make sure your desires aren’t going to grow to a point where the fear of losing it all and not maintaining your lifestyle increases the fear to uncomfortable levels.

In closing

Your brain likely has already made a decision for you.

However, take the time to analyze your emotions and see which ones are driving the decisions. If you get comfortable with analyzing your emotions you can hedge your bets against your fear and desires and find that common ground that allows you to see personal growth from both of these feelings.


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