Episode #1 – The Who What & Why Of The Millennial Growth Podcast

I am excited to announce the first episode of The Millennial Growth Podcast

In this episode, I talk about who, what, and why I am creating this podcast. If you are interested in following me on my journey then give this podcast a listen.

For years I have thought about starting a podcast. I have made far too many excuses for why I should wait but I am tired of waiting. This podcast is going to serve as a way to record my journey through personal growth and investing. Follow along if you are a millennial who wants to be the best version of themselves and wants to create wealth for the future. 

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About The Author – Alex

I am on a journey of personal growth. I love learning about investing strategies and ways to actively improve my life. Follow along and connect with me if you are looking for a path to financial freedom and becoming the best version of yourself.

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