Creating Your Own Framework For Personal Growth

If you read enough books about management, leadership, startups, and self-help you will notice a common theme.

Most writers create a “simple” framework for you to follow to acheive success.

It’s not just book authors that do this.

It’s impossible to count how many blog posts these days are listicles. You know. “10 ways to do X.” or “56 tools to get you to where you want to be”.

Give me a break.

If anything, this tells me that no one has it figured out and there is no right way to do anything.

For example, if you want to be happy, you could read this post, or this post. Both are talking about the same thing but both go about it very differently.

Which one is right?

Neither? Both?

I am not here to pass judgement on other author’s ideas and work.

Every framework is valid, and if followed would undoubtedly yield successful results.

But which framework is right for you?

Create your own framework

The answer is more clear then you realize.

If you aren’t following a framework (or aren’t following one you are aware of) it’s because you haven’t created it yet.

The best framework to get you to success is a framework that you create yourself.

How do you create your own framework to live by?

There are a lot of ways to create a framework.

Let’s quickly breakdown what we mean by framework.

A framework is a loose set of rules and guidelines that we use to analyze our past, current, and future goals and objectives.

Or put more simply.

It’s how we measure how happy and successful we are.

As you could guess, these metrics are different for all of us.

My happiness in terms of finance might be very different that yours, and no doubt different then a New York Times best selling author.

So why should we all follow the same framework?

To create your own framework you need to get inside your own head and have a discussion with yourself about what you truly want.

Set goals, and work backwards.

Find ways to get to those goals by writing them down, putting them in a calendar, talking about them with friends and family, finding a support system to keeping you accountable, and reading books that inspire you to reach your goal.

Set aside time each week to think about your goals and write down how you are doing on your journey.

This might sound like a loose idea but you are in the process of creating your own custom framework.

The best part, you get to decide what a successful goal is and how you will get there.

Why following a popular framework isn’t for everyone

I get tired of seeing advice from people who say, quit your job, start that business you always wanted, or you will be unhappy.

There is some truth to this.

But it’s a calculated risk.

Instead of just following something that someone else has done.

Create a goal (maybe it is leaving your job and starting that business). But make that goal part of your framework and find the steps you must take to get there.

You are probably looking for steps to create your framework

If so….

You are missing the point. I don’t have the answers for you. I can’t tell you that this 5 point list will get you where you want to be. But what I can recommend is that you read books. Write down things you like about other authors frameworks and write down what you dislike.

Forming your own opinions is incredibly powerful.

There is a lot of bullshit advice out there and the better you are at ignoring some of it the better you will be at seeing things for what they are.

Consider most author’s motivations for instance.

This isn’t meant to be a slight, although it will sure sound like one.

Nearly every self help book I have read is 200-300 pages. Of those pages 50 pages have good content. But no one can sell 50 pages for $29.99. There must be filler in there so you can feel “justified” in spending money on a book.

The industry has programmed us to accept this as normal behavior.

In closing


A framework is a set of rules you are going to follow to make it to you your goal.

Don’t take a millionaire or a successful person’s word as the gospel. They got lucky (don’t let them tell you any different). But being lucky has to do with the fact that they found a framework that works for them.

You too can be “lucky” but you need to start writing down the steps you are going to take to create your own luck.

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