No Alcohol Challenge

Let’s Get Healthier Together

Be honest with yourself, have you been drinking a little too much lately? If you have created an unhealthy habit or routine with alcohol let’s clean it up together. Fill out the form and take on the 30 days no alcohol challenge.

Let me get real with you for a minute

If you don’t think you drink too much or you are on the fence about giving up alcohol for an extended period of time…this challenge IS NOT for you.


If you find yourself 🤔

  1. Drinking multiple nights per week
  2. Drinking a couple of beverages each night
  3. You’re tired of waking up with a mild hangover
  4. You always feel tired and depressed


Deep down you realize you have created a toxic habit that puts you on the a cycle of highs and lows and this cycle is impacting your personal and professional life.

I have some news you might not want to hear. No one is going to solve this habit for you. It’s 100% on you to buckle down and commit to making healthier lifestyle choices.

If your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy, you need to do something about it.

A challenge is ONE WAY to break the cycle and achieve mental clarity on the situation.

If you are open to being challenged and having accountability to your commitment then joining a challenge of like-minded individuals looking for personal growth is what you have found here.

Join me and whoever else finds this page in not drinking alcohol for 30 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I join the challenge?

Just fill out the form at the top of this page.

When does the challenge start?

You can join and start at any time. You will get daily emails encouraging you.

How do we keep track of our results?

That will be on you. I use an iOS app called Days Since but there are plenty of other options out there. A mentor of mine uses a journal and finds it incredibly valuable.

Prizes for 1st place?

Right now these challenges are simple and for family and friends but as this grows I intend to incentivize winners.

Why are you doing this?

I tried doing a 30-day challenge every month in 2017 and failed at most of them. Part of the problem was I was keeping them to myself and had limited accountability. I thought it would be fun to grow with a group of people and see how much personal growth and happiness we could create

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