Lost focus

When I first started this blog the main purpose was to develop my writing style and hone my voice. I realized that developing a writing style isn’t something that happens overnight and the only way to get really good is to constantly write. I was happy with how consistently I was posting on here but… Read More

We suck at knowing what we really want out of life

I was just watching a video on Instagram of someone I went to college with. She posted a really cool video of her in Hawaii and all of the beaches, trails, and sites she was exploring. I was super jealous. I was surfing IG in a downtown Portland office. You know the type, gray carpet,… Read More

Let me do my job

You pour your coffee, you sit down at your desk, you read a few emails, and then you turn your attention to your todo list. You methodically map out your day and set objectives for what you are going to get done. You plan on getting the report written before lunch and will focus on… Read More

Release yourself from your expectations

Release yourself from your expectations

Life is hard. Life is restricting. No one wakes up and says, I am going to be awesome today and complete all my goals. Life can make you feel stuck. You have the same morning routine, the same commute, the same boring job and you watch the same T.V. shows. Sure, most of us would… Read More

Unsubscribed and it feels so good

How much time do you spend in your email’s inbox? If you are like me then the answer is probably a lot. Reading emails is to easy. Part of the problem is my day job requires me to opt into a lot of email lists to keep up to date on industry news. I also… Read More