What’s Your Purpose In Life? No Really, I Am Asking You.

I am working on writing down my life’s purpose and a mission statement to help guide my actions. I am curious if anyone else has ever done this? I have a few questions for you. 1) Do you publish it publically? 2) If the answer above is yes, can you post it here so I… Read More

I wanted to argue…

I was about to board a flight with the CEO. It was near the start of the year and I was excited to talk about my performance as I wrapped up my first year with the company. I thought I was doing an excellent job. Sure, I am young and have a lot to learn… Read More

Guy looking across a lake and thinking about life

To be happy, be still

Always being happy is hard. And in reality is it even worth it? Waking up and having coffee can make you happy. Getting good news from your spouse can make you happy. A lot of things can make you happy. But chasing the idea of always being happy is unwise. Truth be told, it’s foolish… Read More

Six Ways To Turn Desires Into Gold

The following methodology is from Napoleon Hill’s inspirational classic “Think And Grow Rich”. This book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great wealth, who began started from the bottom, with nothing to give in return for riches except THOUGHTS, IDEAS and ORGANIZED PLANS. In the book Hill lays out the 6 ways… Read More

Slow Growth

I am reading Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday and something stood out to me. I wrestled with it while I tried to fall asleep. I couldn’t get the thought to leave my mind. In the book, Holiday suggests that some of the World’s most influential people didn’t see a meteoric rise in power… Read More