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Invest In My 401k Or Save For A House Downpayment?

Should you dial back your 401k contribution so you have more money to put towards a downpayment on your first home? I am currently in this predicament and nearly everything I read on the internet has differing opinions. If you are in the same boat as me you probably feel the same frustration I do… Read More

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The Top Peer To Peer Lending Blogs

When I first got into peer to peer lending I felt completely lost. After I wrapped my head around how the platform worked and how investors made money I was confused as to which types of loans I should be funding. I knew I needed a strategy but I had never done any type of… Read More

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My Thoughts On Turnkey Investment Properties For Millennials

This post is for millennials in a unique situation. I realize this might not be applicable to everyone. But it’s still worth understanding what turnkey real estate is, and how it could be implemented in your strategy later in life. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You have a ton of student loan debt ($50k+)… Read More

My Favorite Personal Finance And Investing Books For Beginners

Some links in this post contain affiliate links. I can’t stress this enough. You have to invest in your education. Even if you don’t plan on actively managing your retirement accounts you need to understand what is going on. How markets work, how investment vehicles are built, and how your strategy is going to get… Read More

Should I Pay Off My Student Loans Early Or Invest My Money?

You might be in a situation where you can pay a little extra on your monthly student loan debt. Should you try and pay down your debt so you pay less interest overall or invest that extra money into something else for your future? I was in a similar situation and learned some interesting things… Read More

Robinhood Review – My Favorite Stock Trading App

Some links in this post are affiliate posts so I get a little kickback if you sign up after reading this. If you do thanks for the support. There are plenty of reviews about Robinhood but I wanted to share my experience with the Robinhood app. I first heard about Robinhood on CNBC when they… Read More

Investing Buckets – You Can’t Miss What You Never Had

Let’s face it…saving money is hard. It’s so easy to go online where our credit cards are already saved to our account and buy stuff we don’t really need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t care about. As millennials, this is how we are conditioned. But if you want to invest… Read More

6 Investment Tools For Millennials

Let’s talk tools of the trade. After you create your investing strategy you will need some tools to help you implement it. For all intensive purposes let’s assume your investing strategy involves saving some money and investing in the equity market like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. What does a millennial actually need to… Read More