Creating Goals Should Be Easy.

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There are a lot of amazing apps out there to help you plan your life and set goals.

But we noticed that most of them turn into long to-do lists and end up cluttering your life with more things to get done.

We think setting goals should be easy. In fact, we think it makes a lot of sense to only set one goal for the day.

Our app is different than most and will do the following…

  • Ask you to create a single goal a day
  • Check in with you the next day to make sure you completed it
  • Encourage you to create goals that are simple and can be accomplished within a day (small wins are the best)
  • Give you some reminders to always be positive


It’s a simple app, but one that we are really excited to launch.

As part of our launch, we are going to give early access to Growth and Purpose members and grandfather their accounts for life.

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